Friday, June 30, 2006

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

After meeting with the client I accepted the case. The potential issues I was afraid of turned out to be unimportant in the end.

I'm still refining the presentation I give to prospective clients. I had a few rough edges today, but there was more good than bad by far. Some basic observations:

* Helps to lead with the business card when you are meeting PCs for the first time.

* Also helps to over-communicate. When I book an appointment more than a week out, I send a letter confirming the date, time, location and subject of the meeting. I now make it a practice to call the day before (and maybe even the day of) for a final confirmation, and send another letter after the meeting - either a disengagement letter if I decline representation, or a thank you/warm fuzzy letter if I take the case.

* Try to wrap everything up within an hour. Anything more than this and the PC may fall asleep.

* I always leave something with the PC (brochure, extra business cards, etc.). My thinking on this is even if they don't use me now they can refer me business later - or call me themselves on a different matter.


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