Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Monday, June 26, 2006

My mom read last Wednesday's post and has forbidden me from moving to Montana or South America. Before you people from Helena or Uruguay write me angry letters, I don't think she has anything against you personally, she just doesn't want me to move my family out of driving distance.

Over the weekend I picked up two new referrals from friends at church. Because of the negative stereotypes, people seem to be surprised that lawyers can walk into church without bursting into flames, but many of us do (the church part, not the bursting into flames part - at least I've never known any lawyers to spontaneously combust).

The first referral hasn't panned out yet, but I have an appointment with the second set up later this week. There are some red flags that there may be tricky legal issues cropping up with this potential client (PC), so I had to call a mentor for advice today. I was advised that this is the type of case that many lawyers turn down or at least think twice about taking, which made me think of a recent note I read from a solo lawyer who turned down a PC in a similar situation. He said he has always wondered if the client would have been better off with him learning as he went, rather than being forced to find a new lawyer with a case that wasn't exactly screaming to be picked up. On the other hand my advisor said she took a case like this and ended up getting sued, so I have quite a decision to make. If all my "red flags" get cleared up at the meeting, all will be well, but if not I may have a very difficult decision to make.


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